My Lonely shoe

I have a lonely shoe.

Imagine, you have just landed, you have a important meeting to go, you go to your hotel room, you get into formals, you are almost ready, black trousers, white shirt, socks to match, you put your hand in your bag and take out 1st shoe, you wear it… you put your hand for the other and it is not there… panic.. this is a really important meeting… you are getting late.. you frantically search everywhere…. after 10 minutes you give up… You take your sneakers out and your wear them to your meeting.Β  You are a bit embarassed and mad….

you reach home after the meeting and see if you forgot to pack the 2nd shoe… but you don’t find it….

You write to Jet Airways and complaint…. and they write about this detailed investigation that they have conducted… blah blah……..

Hey Jet Airways…

Don’t give me excuses

Find me my shoe

or send me an address

where I can send you the shoe

that has been lonely

all this while


2 thoughts on “My Lonely shoe

  1. HA HA HA
    I am laughing so hard that I have to clutch my stomach …
    btw, we just covered a class in micro-economics that said two shoes are ‘nearly always’ consumed together thus perfect complement. I wonder if you dare to break the rule πŸ™‚

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