Rajneeti… not so Raj

Finally I saw Rajneeti… and quite frankly I was disappointed by it. And I want my money back.. atleast for the bandwidth 😉

I saw the movie with lots of expectations. There were just too many Facebook updates by friends that swear by Prakash Jha’s Rajneeti that I was hoping to see something truly extraordinary.

Okay.. first the credit. Its a nice story. Katrina looks good in Sonia gandhi style sarees. Its fast.  BUT, its predictable.

Why?  Because it is nothing but shades of Godfather  bollywood ishtyle. Nothing wrong with that… a lot many director’s take inspiration from Godfather. It is the is the killing the chief minister, the blowing of cars, the brutal killing of SP, the kidnapping of women and in the end killing of leaders of opposition party that spoils the plot. All that was not needed…. and the killing of the white girl was completely useless…. faltu mein goree ladkee maaree gayee bechaaree.

And it is the claim of  movie inspired by Mahabharat that does the damage.

Mr Prakash Jha, I know our politics are dirty but it still doesn’t resort to what you showed on the screen and definitely not at the level of Chief Ministers et al.

So forget Rajneeti, its a gangster movie except that all Gangsters are politcians. It is as close to Mahabharat as are all the Saas- Bahu Serials to Indian families.


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