We like to Spit everywhere except….

My spitting story has two parts

Part 1: The easy( Not) cab drive to the airport at 4.30 Am on 4th June. My Easy Cab driver promptly calls me at 4 to ask for directions. We are together in the cab at 4.45 to head to Indira Gandhi airport Delhi. He starts the car and and the car starts moving and then suddenly he opens that door and I hear a nice long splassh of red peeek hitting the ground. I’m thinking may be its Paan may be it is gutka… okay if it is Gutka then Rajdarbar or Goa….I ask the driver and he confirms Goa and offers me one.  The story doesn’t end here.. it starts and takes a very unexpecting turn.

As we hit the ring road and just about the climb the flyover I hear a noise of screeching tyres.. I look back and I see  truck… Its moving fine and then suddenly I see  red Honday City coming from behind and from the sound of the tyres it must be doing atleast 120 KMPH.  And it hits the back of my cab and we are thrown off the road.  By the time I could realise what has happened, Honda City has fled the scene and my cab driver has gone out to inspect the damage. In a few minutes he comes back happily informing that everything is okay and we will be on our way to the airport soon. The cab starts and in a sudden swift move the door opens again and there goes a nice long spit on the road. But the words that followed it were welcoming… saaab relax… Honda city 100 pe jaa rahee hogee….humko jab thoka to 30 ke speed thee… shukr hai Honda city thee to nahin to hamara kaam ho gaya  thaa….

Part 2:

I boarded the flight and we are about to take off and thankfully I don’t see any Honda City on the tarmac… yet. We take off and land at Kolkata Airport without incident. The moment I enter the airport… I’m in shock. I’m yet to see a dirtier airport anywhere. I want to drink water so I go to the water cooler where there are no glasses but a small dustbin by the side with red stains all over. Some of the walls have red stain as well. You go to the toiled and same thing everywhere… and on top of it there are flies, plastic bottles, tea on the ground and every possible thing that you can imagine. And I’m left wondering why is this airport like that…. why there is so much of red color everywhere ( one possible explaination is that because it is a  ” Red State”)

I reached my hotel and headed to the washroom and almost laughed my heart out seeing this picture. And I told to myself.. hey relax.. we are Indian’s we like to spit everywhere except where we should…. let me not worry about it.

what I should worry about is my ride back home in Delhi from the airport and the whizzing Honda City….. Bhagwan…. this time also it should be Honda city.


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