The verdict!

Okay… here is the verdict on canvas shoes, but before that some background info for the un initiated.

I developed Plantar Fascitis while running long distances. Left running for a while  and then started again and the problem came back. All this while I was running in this really hi-tech expensive shoes ( ASICS). And then one day I came across an article that talked about running barefoot or with minimalist padding/sole shoes… i.e canvas shoes et al.

About 8-10 days back I bough a pair of canvas shoes and started running. Started clocking 7 kms on a tough track ( regularly) and to my surprise the following mornings my plantar pain was missing. Okay there was some pain in my calves and ankles because of change in running style.Instead of landing on heels I was landing on midfoot and front foot area.

So far I have done 50Kms on canvas shoes. My plantar pain is not there at all. One of the days I did 10kms and still next morning the Plantar pain was not there.

Atleast in my case the canvas shoes have worked. My biggest worry was Plantar and that has been taken care of with these shoes. May be the next test is when I start doing serious distances.

So for me… ASICS is OUT and CANVAS ( of the cheapest kind) is in.


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