Still all is well.. well nearly

So today was my third run. And the shoe still feel good and their are still no visible signs on plantar coming back.  I Must say though that yesterday all day my calfs were paining a lot and it was really difficult getting down or getting up.So even though Ididn’t ran yesterday it  I decided that today should be a short run 3kms max and gentle.

But before we get to the run here is  something interesting about my Mumbai trip.  So I was cathching this morning 7.30 Jet Airways flight to Mumbai dressed in a very un-corporate bright slim fit Tee and a light linen pants with regular flip flop. Everything seemed normal to me until I entered the suttle bus to get in the flight that everyone around me was in smart business attire. I almost felt naked. And I said to myself- just pretend you are going to goa via Mumbai.

Mumbai was meetings as usual- tried a new restaurant which goa portuguese of the Diva Maharashtra chain. The food was  average. The pork vindaloo was nothing but tomota ketchupee, chicken Xacuti average and a prawn curry a bit bland. Since Mumbai is closer to goa I thought the food would be good but I was really disappointed. I think in the near future I’m going to satisfy my Goa food carvings either in goa or in a nice goan eatery in Guragoa called Madgoa..

My return flight was delayed and the food again was horrible- I think Jet Airways has also started saving on food costs. No wonder their share price is doing well…. way to go Jet.

So went to bed at about 1 Am and therefore decided to go for a short run only- I’m increasingly making a rule for running- no rest no long runs. I think its just not worth risking injury.

So back to running.

I decided to dump Jahapanh today and run in a small park near my house ( C.R Park) behind the Jahapanah club. Its a nice little part with a small walking jogging trail which fortunately has not been cemented. With the calf pain the first 100 mts were difficult. I had difficulty landing even on toes because that was putting a lot of pressure on my ankle and calfs. But after 100 mts things were fine.  And after the first 700 mts ( that is one loop of the park) I was feeling as if I could glide and run faster. The shoes were again comfortable.

There is one thing I changed about shoes today. Remember I said that laces were not of the right length so I would end up tightening them more than the usual. So today I had put them through one less hole on the top ( I don’t know how to explain that in english- hindi mein bole to…. feeta uper tak nahin bandha”.  The shoes did felt a bit loose but it was fine. The slight tightness of the shoes around the ankle that I was feeling earlier was gone.

Did ususal post run stretch and strengthening of calf muscles. Made lunch for office, had muesli and mango. 3 hrs since the short run and I’m feeling good.

I would say that the best thing is that the plantar pain is not coming. I can’t tell explain how it feels just that it feels great. For the first time in 1 year I’m hopeful that I will be able to run a full marathon again.


One thought on “Still all is well.. well nearly

  1. Hey

    well goan food is quite a treat, next time try this small restaurant, it is run by a goan couple, i was there few years ago and had a great meal on a lazy winter sunday..

    they do take time to get the food, so take your time when you go there ..

    good blog, great to read … keep up


    Bernado’s, HUDA Shopping Complex, Leisure Valley, Sector 29 Phone : 95124-5518323

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