Canvassing in Jahapanah

So today was the day. I was excited, I was going to be running in canvas shoes after a very long time. I  got up at 4.45 am and  Started wearing the canvas ( they are north star canvas just in case anyone remembers the brand that was so cool when we were growing up) and realised that the laces are a bit small. Anyways managed, got in the car and reached Jahapanah.

Did a bit of warm up and started running. I was not hoping to run more than 2-3 kms as the shoes were new and I was not sure if I will be able to run in canvas after months of running in a well cushioned shoe.

As I started running I immediately noticed a change in my running style. I was unconsciously landing on my toes and mid-sole area.This was really nice because the other day Shruti ( my running mate) was asking me to land on my toes ( some chi running tip). Now doing it consciously was proving to be difficult but here I was voluntarily landing on toes and mid sole area. So this was really something to feel good about .

Initially it did felt  awkward in this running style but slowly I started enjoying it. In between I would land on my heel but then immediately almost by reflex my next step would land on toes.

So completed 6.6 KM loop- and honestly for the first TIME since I suffered from Plantar my feet were not paining. I really enjoyed this pain free feeling.

Did some streching and headed home. In my home I was able to walk on floor without wearing slippers. Earlier it was difficult because of Plantar.

Since the only thing that has changed in todays run is shoes I’m inclined to believe that it is the new canvas shoes that have done the trick. This might be just today or a fluke but I’m determined to find out.

In the last 2 years since I started running I have invested in 6 pairs of Asics costing an average 100 $.  And they were not able to prevent injury. No doubt my running improved but to me it would be foolish to spend dollars on Asics et al if all we need is a 10$ canvas shoes. Now this may be all wrong but I’m determined to find out.

So let the good shoe prevail.


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