Ankle pain but “All is well”

So today was my second run wearing my canvas. Again thought of doing a morning run in Jahapanah the 6.6 Km loop. I so much want to increase by distances but want to settle in the new shoes before I do that.

The 4.45 alarm wakes me up and I snooze it for another 10 minutes of sleep. Another buzz and I’m up getting ready.

I had a chat yesterday with Venkat and he told me to watch for Plantar Fascitis signs in the morning. So when I got up today morning I was quite anxious. For those who don’t know with Plantar Fascitis the the pain starts first thing in the morning when you get and put your foot down on the floor.  You feel a stinging pain through your heel.  But hey as  I put my foot down the pain was not there. It was missing.

Now I can’t explain in many words what it felt. It was pure bliss.  For the last one year I have always woken up in the morning in anticipation of Plantar pain ( sometimes its quite insignificant but you can feel it). And today it was not there.

So got ready, wore my canvas and went to Jahapanah and started running.  Initial few steps were a bit sluggish. I noticed that in the morning excitement I had tied my shoe laces a bit tight.  I decided to ignore it and carried with my running.

Again unconsciously I was landing on the mid sole area and front foot. I think one of the major differences of running is on canvas is that you are landing towards the front of the foot which Iguess is good, atleast it is good for those whoa re suffering from Plantar.

So the run was easy.. in about 45 minutes I completed the loop and was stretching.  Thankfully today I was hydrated as I was also carrying water with me  in a nice cute water bottle that Shruti has gifted to me the other day.

Post Run symtoms:

As I reached home I cold feel some muscle pain just above my ankles. Initially it was bad and then slowly it subsided. It is the kind of pain you get in your ankles/calfs when you run after a long time or you have done more miles than what you are used to. I did some more streching and I was feeling better. I guess this pain was there because my running style has changed from landing on heel to landing on mid sole and toes. I think this causes some tension/stress on ankles and calf muscles. I have reminded myslef to start strengthening calfs.

The feet felt nice. I could again walk barefoot on the floor.

Its been 5 hours since the run and I’m feeling fine. The calf muscle pain has gone away.. almost.

So in all….. All is well . So far the Canvas wins.

Tomorrow is a rest day as I’m leaving early morning to Mumbai,

The next test run will be now on Friday.


2 thoughts on “Ankle pain but “All is well”

  1. Hi Rahul

    I’m following your blog with great interest as I am also in the slow but exciting process of getting used to my Vibrams.

    I had the same calf pain to begin with – and foot pain as well (my feet still hurt on the day of the run, but progressively less) – then spoke to Anita as well as checked out message boards of Vibram users and found that both these are quite normal, and a result of the changed running style and soon disappear.

    I love the feeling of freedom in the vibrams, and find a new smoothness, even though my pace – which was slow to begin – has slowed even more. The only thing I have had to watch out was not to get too over-enthu and suddenly run a lot, because – at least in my case – it takes time to get used to the impact of the ground on nearly bare feet. One day, when my shoes were just a week old, I was enjoying the run so much than I ran 6 miles traight – and then the pain in my calves and feet pretty much knocked me out for a few days. So now I am easing into the whole thing.

    Look forward to your posts.


  2. Good to know about the calf pain. I like Vibrams too. they look really neat. Eventually I would like to run in them. I guess five fingers is closest to barefoot running.

    I think this canvas/minimalist shoe/vibram are here to stay. I don’t think I’m going to go back to my Asics.

    Lets all run free and pain free.

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