So simple- Creating a facebook fan page on off course facebook

As I promised in my earlier posts, I’m, going to discover and learn and then share things on social media. So today is my facebook day. And, yeah one observation.. a lot of my friends from the non-profit sector are a bit in awe of facebook and how you create fan pages, groups etc etc on facebook. For someone who wants to try it is actually quite simple.

So here is a step by step process of creating a facebook fan page.

1) Have a facebook account and log into your account.

2) When you log-in you will find on the left a link for ads and pages.

3) click there and then follow the instructions to get fan page for your organisation.

4) Try and get 25 fans and that makes your fan page eligible for vanity URL from Facebook.  Vanity URLs make your page have a shorter URL.. for e.g I have created a fan page for Delhicares and the URL for it is

5) And last but most important.. start promoting your page. Put interesting content cause that what draws the crowd

So really , its as simple as that 🙂

More next from Buzzybee….

By the way Buzzybee is my new start up company that wants to work with non-profits on Social Media. And in the process may be demystify Social Media for them.


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