My First attempt at Blogging

This is my First Blog and I’m quite sure about what I’m going to write about. I’m experimenting with something and that something is Facebook a.k.a  Social Media.

I for instance was taken aback by the rise of Social Media and how powerful it can be for non-profits for advocacy, campaigning and fundraising to name a few.

So I’m going to start to learn how facebook and twitter and Google Buzz works for non-profit organisations and hopefully in the process create a strong brand for the primary work that I do in MITRA ( the non-profit that I work for)

I will try and share through this blog what are some of the low hanging fruits for the willing in terms of social media and how they can pluck them.

In the process there wil be ramblings of a mind that is getting old and is doing things at a furious pace.

In the hope that someone eventually will read this blog. Amen


3 thoughts on “My First attempt at Blogging

  1. Other than the networking part (which at times even gets a bit shameless), I was also wondering how much the social media has helped further the campaigning & knowledge sharing bit! It will be good to hear your thoughts.
    p.s. I am the FIRST one to read I guess 🙂

  2. You are definitely the first one to read the blog. Suprsied how you found it. You have asked a very important question. Will defintely post something if I ever find the answer….

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